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CNC Machining Services

One of the oldest forms of manufacturing in the market is computer numerical control machining (CNC). It has been around for a while and continues being used despite other procedures being invented in the recent past. For this reason, it makes sense for most companies to resort to using CNC machining.
The procedure involves taking away from a lock of materials to come up with the final piece. In this scenario, you end up with a piece that looks like the model you put in the CAD model. This procedure can be used with either metal or plastic.
CNC machining services can either be CNC turning or CNC milling. The CNC service you choose to work with depends on the kind of piece you plan on making and its complexity. All Win MFG will help you figure out which procedure will work for you and which one will not.
The preproduction process takes a long time since that will determine how the final look is once that bit is done. Production can start once the right model and design have been created. One can be sure that the process will go by much faster. Our production lines run very fast, making it an effective manufacturing method.

CNC Machining: Turning and Milling

CNC Turning Services

Under CNC machining, there is a form of precision CNC machining called CNC turning. What this involves is working on a block of material using the 2-axis tom up with the final product. The process commonly found with this kind of machine is drilling. It comes in handy when you need to make a product accurately and fast without complex details.

CNC Milling Services

One of the things you will notice when it comes to manufacturing processes is some items are very complex to make. If you are not careful, you end up with products the client cannot use. When it comes to CNC precision machining for such products, you need CNC milling. It works on a five-axis, and you can be sure the products will come out looking good despite the complex design.

Why Choose All Win MFG for CNC Machining?

• It reduces waste. Since it is very precise, you can be sure that there will be little to no waste produced when making products.
• It is efficient. Many clients need to get products as fast as possible, and you need a product like that to handle that stress. You get that from our CNC machining services.
• It is precise. Using CNC machining services online means getting your design worked on until it is perfect. You will get perfect results every time from us.
• It saves energy. Since production involves many items at once, you do not have to worry about energy being wasted in the process.


CNC Machining Tolerances

Even though CNC machining is very accurate, it also comes with a few marginal errors. Nothing can be 100 % similar to the other, but the small differences will not have such a huge negative impact on the final product. If you had no idea what these tolerances are, it would help if you learned about them. That way, you do not have to worry about your items coming out looking way too different.
The standard tolerance for CNC for most metals is about +/- 0.005mm. The value will either increase or decrease based on the metals or plastic used. For the better part, this tolerance is not so bad and will not cause a huge difference to the final piece. All Win MFG can manufacture and inspect tight tolerances per your drawing specifications including GD&T callouts.

CNC Machining Materials & Finishes

Since there are so many things that go into making a final product, you should know what materials are used in CNC machining. That way, you get to make an informed choice. Here are the main materials used when it comes to CNC machining:
• Metals
• Ceramics
• Plastics
• Wood
• Composites

The finishes used for most CNC machining is:
• Anodizing
• As-milled
• Bead blasting

CNC Machining FAQs

  • What are your CNC machining & turning capabilities?

    We have been in the business for a while now, and if there is anything you can count on us, it has to be to deliver quality. We have different clients, and they all have different needs which made us adaptive. So far, we have put out a whole range of products for some clients and smaller items for others. We do not discriminate, so you can be sure all the products you need will be made good time with no delays. The products we make will meet the right standards, and we ensure we do this in the shortest time possible.

  • What industries use CNC machining?

    Because of the several perks, CNC machining has, you can be sure that many industries have embraced it as a manufacturing process. One of these industries is the medical industry. The parts are used to make up different machines in the medical industry. The aerospace industry also uses CNC because of the accuracy that is vital when you are making parts. Since there is little room for error, there is also a reduction in the rejected products because they do not meet high standards. The military, transport, and gas industry also use CNC machining parts because of their great accuracy.

  • What are the advantages of CNC machining?

    CNC machining comes with many perks, and learning about them will make you make better choices. One of the main perks of machining is it is very accurate. When you compare it to the other processes in the market, you notice that you get the most identical pieces from CNC machining. It is also a fast way to produce items, so clients do not have to wait for too long after ordering from us. Another perk of CNC machining is there is little waste. Since the model is made before production, you can be sure you will get accurate pieces that look like the model.

  • How much does CNC machining cost?

    If you are a client with All Win MFG, then you need to know how much it will cost you to get your product made by CNC machining. While it is fast and cheap, it can also come with hidden charges, which can be surprising. When ordering CNC machining services at our website, ensure you look at the final cost of a single product and the cost of shipping and taxes. There might also be additional fees when it comes to the product's weight. All these reasons make it clear that you cannot have a single price for all these products. You need to look at the products you are getting to know if it is a service you can afford.

  • What is CNC Machining?

    CNC machining is a manufacturing process that is subtractive. It is used to create products in bulk and is considered one of the most precise methods of manufacturing in the market. CNC machining is preferred because it is very accurate, and clients can be sure that the errors that come up will not greatly affect the final product. It has been around for ages and keeps improving to stay relevant in today's manufacturing society. Companies that use CNC machining have made products faster and more precise than any other manufacturing process. For this reason, most companies, including All Win MFG, are still advocating for CNC machining as the lead manufacturing process.

With services including CNC machining, sheet cutting, sheet metal forming & injection molding, All Win MFG delivers 100% qualified products on time, efficiently and reliably. We are your ideal manufacturing partner for plastic parts, customized metal parts and customized sheet metal parts.

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