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Waterjet Cutting Service

Waterjet Cutting Services

A high-pressure water jet is used to cut materials in the waterjet cutting procedure. It effectively cuts parts and shapes in vehicle and aerospace and vehicle factories.

It cuts materials with a high-pressure water jet and an abrasive material for industrial applications like machine part production. To place the water jet nozzle and maximize accuracy, contemporary water jet cutters use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems that run G-code.

To boost the cutting force of exceptionally hard objects, you add a granular abrasive to the water jet. The waterjet cutters can slice almost any type of material. Metals, plastics like steel, copper, alloys, rubber, titanium, glass, ceramics, concrete, and stone are just a few examples.

A water jet sprays a concentrated mixture of water and garnet (fine sand) via a small hole at high pressure through a small opening (50,000-60,000 psi.) The outcome is a razor-sharp cutting stream that can cut through almost any object with little regard for hardness or thickness.

The water jet is a very effective piece of equipment rising in popularity as more engineers and manufacturers become aware of its special capabilities and advantages. Waterjet cutting is a one-of-a-kind process that may produce a high-quality cut edge while obviating the need for extra polishing.


Why Choose All Win MFG for Waterjet Cutting?

No heating during cutting
Another distinguishing feature of the water jet is its ability to cut objects without generating heat. When it comes to selecting materials and subsequent activities, this has a variety of advantages.

It slices thicker parts.
One of the most significant advantages of cutting with a water jet is that the thickness of the material is not a factor. Without compromising cut quality, this technology can assist save manufacturing time and boosting material yield.

No material distortion
Heat exposure may be avoided using its cold cutting approach, which is particularly important for materials such as metal, resulting in a precise cut with minimal material distortion.

Waterjet Cutting General Tolerances

Sheet Cutting FAQs

  • Is there a minimum order quantity? How soon will I get the order?

    All Win MFG has not pegged the order quantity on any specific number. Clients have the freedom of ordering the least they need. Clients can scale their quantity demands with time as they experience the service. However, high quantities attract lower prices, unlike smaller quantities. 
    Once a client places their order, they are guaranteed to receive it in the shortest time possible. Typically, the production process begins when a client makes their order. Furthermore, the clients are assured of continued updates on the order status until they receive their order. All Win MFG ascertains quality assurance, reports, and order delivery tracking throughout the process. 
  • What are the maximum part and minimum part sizes All Win MFG can cut?

    The minimum or maximum size that All Win MFG can cut depends on the technique employed. Typically, when using the laser cut, it is possible to cut materials whose thickness is about 20mm, though this is machine-dependent. Most machines, however, cut materials in the range of 0.5-12mm thickness. 
    The waterjet technique can cut material with thicknesses up to 12 inches. When using abrasive waterjet cutting, precise material cutting occurs at a thickness of 3 inches and below. At the same time, the waterjet technique achieves cuts of sizes as thin as 0.1 inches, though thinner sizes may fail to meet perfect precision.
  • What files can All Win MFG use for waterjet cutting or laser cutting?

    Typically, waterjets perform excellently with 2D vector files, enabling one to see the outline of the scaled-up part that’s scaled 1:1. DXF is the type of tile most employed when working with cutting machines. Most CAD software is usually backed by exporting to DXF.
    The materials should be in vector format; AutoCAD DXF and Adobe Illustrator have been the best examples. The format is important since paths in the artwork utilize laser cutter software for defining the cut paths, which one can mark if they desire to do so.
    However, the two techniques differ slightly since laser cutting employs laser beams while waterjets are instrumental in cutting various materials.
  • What are the advantages of laser cutting?

    There are numerous advantages associated with laser cutting compared to traditional mechanical cutting or CNC machine processes. These merits include the following:
    • Faster production
    • The workpiece doesn’t get contaminated as does with the former techniques
    • There is a very slight likelihood of warping
    • The cuts produced by laser cutting are cleaner
    • There are limited chances for operators to make errors, making them excellent for quick prototyping.
    In addition to the advantages, clients of All Win MGF are sure to get services at reasonable prices immediately they demand the services. Clients can count the services to be high quality since the establishment relies on ideal machines to perform the tasks.

  • What’s sheet cutting services?

    Typical sheet cutting services achieve their purposes by the use of modern-day technologies. These are at the center of the production of components and products with unmatched quality. Some of the technologies involve advanced laser cutting and waterjets that can cut any material, including thick tool steel.<o:p>

    However, the success of the processes relies on the expansive knowledge and expertise of the staff. They can employ the techniques in cutting a vast scope of materials ranging from plastics to aluminum and steel, among several others. However, the process is one of the initial processes employed in other processes used in manufacturing, such as metal stamping and fabrication.<o:p>

With services including CNC machining, sheet cutting, sheet metal forming & injection molding, All Win MFG delivers 100% qualified products on time, efficiently and reliably. We are your ideal manufacturing partner for plastic parts, customized metal parts and customized sheet metal parts.

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