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  • Q How much does urethane casting process cost?

    A One of the things you will notice when looking at the cost of a single product is that there
    is more to it than meets the eye. While you might be tempted to just look at the cost of the items, you need to look at the time. Urethane casting is a fast way to produce urethane casting prototypes.
    While the initial cost of materials might be expensive, the process is fast enough to make up for the money used. Making items above 15 units and below 250 units is considered pretty standard, but you will spend more if you make items above 250 pieces. When calculating the entire cost of making your pieces using urethane casting, keep that in mind.

  • Q What is the best range of part units to use urethane casting?

    A When it comes to doing bulk work, you need to ensure that you make the most out of the process. For instance, urethane casting is often used to produce pieces in bulk. Knowing the number of pieces you can do in one go will ensure that you pay money for something worth it.
    Since you are trying to save costs, the more units you make, the better their returns are. The best range of part unit urethane casting is 15-250 units. It might be less than CNC printing and machining, but it gets the job done efficiently, which you should be looking out for with the process.

  • Q What materials can be processed by urethane casting?

    A Even though urethane casting uses various plastics to create end-use pieces, it needs specific plastic and resin. Learning about them will ensure you know whether the piece you are working on can be made using this method or if you should find another method to work for you. Here are the main materials that can be used in the urethane casting process:
    • Rigid urethane (shore D resins)
    • Urethane elastomers (shore A resins)
    • Silicones
    Even though all these will vary with the types and categories, they are the most common materials you will find when carrying out the urethane casting process.

  • Q How does urethane casting process go?

    A Here are the steps used when urethane casting is done:
    • Before production starts, a master pattern is often created through 3D printing to ensure all the mold details are right.
    • Once the master has been made, a silicone mold is made of this master used for the urethane casting process. In cases where there are meant to be holes or indents, metallic dowels might be added to the mold. The molds can be made using different • silicone materials based on the manufacturer’s choice.
    • With the mold in place, it is now time for the casting to begin. The resin liquid and curative mixture will be poured into the mold and allowed to cure.
    • Since the piece has cured, the mold will be cut into half and the final piece removed.

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