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Die Casting Services

Die casting is a method where hot molten metal is poured into a mold and left to cool. It is suitable for mass production since it is an automated process. It also helps ensure accuracy with the final pieces since the molds have been made beforehand and are accurate. Since the molds used are permanent, one does not have to keep going back and making new ones for their casting. That cost of production is saved and speeds up even better. The molds are made using high heat resistant steel to work with the molten metal without getting deformed. Different molds can be created for different pieces depending on the client and their current needs.

Die casting can either be a hot chamber or cold chamber casting. Whatever the means, they both produce great products. Before production starts, the mold needs to be made as they are what will determine the final result of the products. Most companies use it because of how well the products come out looking. They can also be assured of uniformity in all the pieces made, so there is no worry that a piece will not fit because all the molds are made to scale.


Why Choose All Win MFG for Die Casting Services?

Since die casting has been around for a while, it is pretty obvious that it has some perks. Here are the main advantages that come with using die casting’:
• It is precise. You get the accurate objects in their exact measurement, which shows just how easy it is to replicate dimensions
• It’s consistent. Even when working on so many parts, you can expect the same dimensions on all your products. It makes the best options for bulk productions.
• Customized finishes. The good thing with diecasting is you do not have to use only one kind of finish. There are so many options in the market, and all you have to do is pick one that works for you.
• Flexible. Aside from the finishes, you can also choose the kind of molds you want and switch them up to suit your current needs. It makes for the perfect process if you are looking to get new products.


Die Casting: Hot Chamber Die Casting and Cold Chamber Die Casting

Hot Chamber Die Casting

Hot chamber casting is a casting process used to form metal. In the process, metal is heated up and melted in a casting machine. Once it reaches the molten state, it is then pushed through the mold to fill it up before being left to cool. Most companies use it because of the high levels of accuracy it comes with.

Cold Chamber Die Casting

Cold chamber casting uses molten liquid, but it is heated up differently. It is the perfect option if you use metals with high melting points since it prevents corrosion during the casting process. In cold die casting, the metal is heated and put in a separate chamber before it is put in the casting machine and molded into the final item.

Applications of Die Casting

Die Casting FAQs

  • Is die casting an expensive process?

    One of the questions most people have regarding die casting is whether it is expensive or quite affordable. While there is no one answer to that, most manufacturers admit that it is fairly inexpensive.
    The reason behind this could be that it is done in bulk, and that leads to so many cost reductions. Since the molds are reused, money is also not spent on pre-production after the first time. If you plan to get many pieces, you should probably think of doing die casting. You get uniform pieces, and they all come about simultaneously. The entire production line will move much faster than if you were doing one piece at a time.

  • What’s the difference between die casting and other castings?

    One of the things many people have an issue with is figuring out whether there is a difference between casing and die casting. Since they all use molds and molten metal, there is confusion between the two and how they work. Die casting uses a metal mold, while other casting methods use a sand mold.
    It might seem like such a small detail, but it determines how accurate the final piece will be. If you are looking for exact measurements, sand casting will work for you. Die casting works best because of its accuracy.

  • What is the die casting process cycle?

    One of the things you will notice when it comes to die casting is no one process suits them all. Based on the different methods, one will do it all differently to get similar results.
    Multisided casting will use both hot and cold die-casting to create the perfect piece. It is used when working with different materials with different melting points. That way, you get a finished product that looks and works well.
    Cold die casting will work best if you deal with metals with really high melting points. It ensures there is no corrosion on the material and produces great pieces as well.
    On the other hand, hot diecasting will deal with all metals that have lower melting points. It also produces quality products unlike the other two processes do.
    Even though they all take different steps, they all involve getting molten metal into a mold and letting it cool down to form the final piece.

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