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Insert Molding Service

Insert Molding Services

When it comes to your plastic and metallic parts, insert molding is a vital process. What happens with this procedure is the plastic is molded on top of your metallic parts, and you end up with a metallic interior and a plastic exterior. The metal will have to be molded first before being put into the plastic casing or molding. It is a method that has slowly been embraced over the years due to its perks.
Whenever you use insert molding services, All Win MFG ensure that you get quality plastic. Using poor quality metal will end up with the plastic not working as it should, which beats the whole point. If the plastic is easily damaged, the metal being encased will not have a good structure. We will ensure that the plastic is just as good quality as the encased metal. Insert molding has been around for a while, and as time goes by, more companies are embracing it in their production line because of the numerous benefits it comes with. If you are looking for a way to protect and strengthen your metal interiors, you should look into our insert molding services. All Win MFG ensure that you can get the encased metallic plastic done simultaneously, which saves on cost.

Why Choose All Win MFG for Insert Molding?

• It increases the durability of the pieces being made. The plastic offers an extra layer of protection that ensures the product stays working for longer.
• It is lighter because plastic can weigh up to half of the weight of the metal that makes the product. That makes it easy to use and move around.
• It is a cheaper alternative since it is cheaper to get plastic than it is to ad metal casing.
• Variety of design. You can choose what you want your casing and metals piece to be molded into. It makes your products stand out from the rest, which you want.

Applications of Insert Molding

Injection Molding FAQs

  • What are the steps to get injection molded parts?

    Many people are at a loss when figuring out how to carry out injection molding. The good thing is that the method is pretty simple. Here is how you will go about the process:
    • The mold is prepped and closed for the process to begin.
    • Molten plastics get fed into the closed-up mold using the injection. Outlets will ensure the steam does not stay in the mold as the plastic gets molded.
    • The molten plastic is allowed to cool down.
    • Once the plastic cools, the mold is opened up, and the pieces are ejected, ready for examination, packaging, and shipping.

  • What type of parts are suitable for metal injection molding process?

    Injection molding can be used to make so many parts. All you need to do is figure out what bits and pieces in the market can be made using the molds that the molders come in. One of the most recognized parts made from injection molding has got to be the Lego bricks. Since they are so small, they need a mold that can efficiently create them.
    Since these pieces are also so intricate, they should all be made in a way where they fit perfectly with one another. Even though Legos are just an example, injection molds are used in companies that need accuracy with plastic materials and pieces.

  • What industries use plastic injection molding?

    Many industries depend on plastic to be able to work well. It is for this reason that more people are embracing this process. Here are the industries that use plastic injection molding:
    • Pharmaceuticals create droppers and syringes since they need to be made in very specific and accurate sizes for them to work.
    • Food industries to create storage containers and other plastics that are BPA-free.
    • The medical industry to create different plastic equipment used when examining patients.
    • Transportation to create spare parts and nay customizable parts for different vehicles. They make car repairs much cheaper and easier.
    • Building and construction to create handles for tools that might be slippery

  • What is the difference between molding and printing?

    Even though printing and molding all use plastics to create new materials, they slightly differ based on how these two methods work. Printing is an additive process and needs a 3D image created to be used as a reference for when the molding takes place. Without the proper 3D image, the printer will not produce anything.
    On the other hand, molding needs hot plastic material fed into already made mold so that it can cool down and form the object being made. While we both end up with a product, the two will be made differently.

  • What is injection molding?

    Injection molding is the process of feeding heated polymer or plastic through a barrel onto an already shaped model to create a product. It is mostly used when one needs accuracy and efficiency in their work. Before the process starts, there have to be molds created that will help ensure the right shape is achieved since molds are made beforehand, and the finished product is similar in size and design, which is what you want. The process has been embraced as the best method for creating new items on a large scale since it is very affordable compared to other production methods in the market.

With services including CNC machining, sheet cutting, sheet metal forming & injection molding, All Win MFG delivers 100% qualified products on time, efficiently and reliably. We are your ideal manufacturing partner for plastic parts, customized metal parts and customized sheet metal parts.

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