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Our close cooperation with leading companies such as TCL, Skyworth, Foxconn and Bosch showcases our dedication to product quality.

All Win MFG Overview

Based in Shenzhen, China, All Win MFG is a company specializing in manufacturing and processing of high-precision stainless steel and aluminum hardware accessories.
All Win MFG main services include CNC machining, sheet cutting, injection molding, etc. Key components, camera decorative parts, bracket hardware and other electronic product hardware accessories can be manufactured by our factory. We are dedicated to improving technology ability to add more value to clients’ products.
The company delivers professionalism and adheres to bringing high-quality products and services as well as reasonable and competitive prices. Our perfect production service system has won wide acclaim and support from clients.

Applicable Industries

Why You Can Trust All Win MFG?

Instant Quoting

Pricing, lead times and manufacturing feedback for design are sent back to you in a moment.

Strict Quality Control Guarantee

We aim to providing clients with competitive products and services with strict quality control.

Massive Network Capacity

All Win MFG’s in-house facilities as well as our cooperation with manufacturing partners ensures you get your products done promptly.

Fast Turnaround

With our complete and flexible manufacturing system, we can deliver production parts in a timely manner.

Customer Testimonials

We've always gotten what we needed from All Win MFG. We've gotten components with high quality and the right finish, and they arrived on schedule. Because of their efficient communication with us, they are able to complete the tasks more quickly.
I eventually chose All Win MFG after years of battling to get quality hardware parts from machine shops all over the world that weren't up to the task. They delivered parts with the highest quality I've ever seen and the price is reasonable. They do care their work and clients, and the customer service is exceptional. Most importantly, if there is a problem with some parts, their QC procedures detect it and the problem is resolved without my involvement.
It was an excellent experience working with them! I raised a bunch of questions and the team answered them quite patiently and detailly. Their feedback was detailed as well. No damage of the packaging. They arrived here very safe. Thank you, All Win MFG team!
All Win MFG takes care of the rest after I make the quote. I'm impressed by their delivery time as I set a very hard delivery deadline. I'm satisfied with their products.

Four Simple Steps to Start Cooperation with Us

Send Design Files

Send the CAD/ 3D files and product requirements via email.

Get an Instant Quote

Get a thorough product analysis report and quotation files.

Confirm Order & Begin Manufacturing

The manufacturing process begins once the order is confirmed.

On Time Delivery

Efficient and fast delivery of products and quality reports.

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With services including CNC machining, sheet cutting, sheet metal forming & injection molding, All Win MFG delivers 100% qualified products on time, efficiently and reliably. We are your ideal manufacturing partner for plastic parts, customized metal parts and customized sheet metal parts.

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